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Interface Offer

An offer to transfer some rights to an item or to provide a service—for example, an offer to sell tickets to an event, to rent the DVD of a movie, to stream a TV show over the internet, to repair a motorcycle, or to loan a book.

(Non-Normative): May appear as values of:






Optional @context

@context: undefined | null | string | ContextDefinition | (null | string | ContextDefinition)[]

Optional @graph

@graph: undefined | NodeObject | NodeObject[]

Optional @id

@id: undefined | string

Optional @included

@included: undefined | NodeObject | NodeObject[]

Optional @index

@index: undefined | string

Optional @nest

@nest: undefined | JsonObject | JsonObject[]

Optional @reverse

@reverse: undefined | {}

Optional @type

@type: undefined | string | string[]

Optional additionalProperty

additionalProperty: undefined | PropertyValue | PropertyValue[]

Optional additionalType

additionalType: undefined | string | string[]

Optional availability

availability: undefined | string

Optional availabilityEnds

availabilityEnds: undefined | string

Optional availabilityStarts

availabilityStarts: undefined | string

Optional availableAtOrFrom

availableAtOrFrom: undefined | string | string[]

Optional description

description: undefined | string | string[]

Optional identifier

identifier: undefined | string | PropertyValue

Optional image

image: undefined | string | string[]

Optional inventoryLevel

inventoryLevel: undefined | QuantitativeValue

Optional name

name: undefined | string

Optional price

price: undefined | string | number

Optional priceCurrency

priceCurrency: undefined | string

Optional sku

sku: undefined | string

Optional tax

tax: undefined | string | number

Optional url

url: undefined | string